Students, youth rally against state government’s new job policy

Srinagar, Dec 8: Voicing their displeasure at the state government's latest recruitment policy, hundreds of students and youth activists held a massive rally in the Srinagar.

The state government's newly unveiled recruitment policy faced flak from the students and youth across Jammu and Kashmir.

Under the new employment policy, widely perceived as 'skewed,' new recruits would be paid half the basic pay for the first two years and 75 per cent of it for the next three years, without any other emoluments.

Demanding the policy's immediate revocation of the recruitment policy, the protestors asserted that the scheme could force unemployed and frustrated youngsters across the valley to resort to violence, if it was implemented.

One of the protesting activists, Arshid Baba, told mediapersons that the policy was against the interests of Kashmir's youth.

"The main aim of our protest is to voice our ire against the new recruitment policy unveiled by the state government recently. No special consideration has been given to students and youth in this policy. It is a violation of their interests and needs. The policy is an injustice to students and youth. We are holding this agitation to convey our displeasure over the policy to the government," said Baba.

In a trend similar to that of many developing nations, Jammu and Kashmir is experiencing a 'youth bulge,' where an estimated 71 percent of the population is under the age of 35.

Of the large populace of youth in the Kashmir Valley, an estimated 48 percent are currently unemployed, as per certain media reports.

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