Sri Lanka’s Tamil Party wins local council elections in former war zones

Colombo, July 25: Sri Lanka's biggest Tamil party has won the local elections in the country's regions torn by decades of civil war.

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) took 18 out of 26 councils in the north and the east of the country, in what is being seen as a rare electoral setback for the government of President Mahinda Rajapaksa, the BBC reports.

Rajapaksa's United People's Freedom Alliance won all other contested districts in Saturday's elections.

Elections were held in a patchwork of councils around Sri Lanka, including the mainly Tamil north and the more ethnically mixed east.

Civil society groups and Tamil politicians accused the government of using scare tactics and threats during the campaign, the report said.

The government, however, denied it and the election commissioner said the actual voting day was largely peaceful.

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