Women prefer gaming to sex

London, July 15: Women play computer games just as much as men, with many saying they enjoy gaming than those who admitted they enjoy sex, according to a new survey.

According to the study carried out by Doritos, women spend even more time glued to their screens than their male counterparts.

While 50 percent of men readily admit to frequent online gaming, a surprising 49 percent of women confess that they too are addicted to Internet games.

And while men spend 22.3 percent of their time online playing games, women trump them, whiling away 23.2 percent of their time online playing games.

Revealingly, the study showed that not only are women just as keen on gaming as men - but that the majority would rather spend time playing on their gadgets than having sex, reports the Daily Mail.

Worryingly, one in five even admitted to regularly gaming in bed.

The study also found that female gamers would rather play online games than go shopping.

Relationship experts have warned that addiction to gaming could isolate us from our friends and partners, leading to problems.

They said that even if a couple share the passion for gaming, there's no doubt that with both parties turning their focus to virtual reality, a real-life bond could be harmed.

"I call it being 'together alone'," said relationship therapist Douglas Weiss.

"These days, people are on their mobiles at dinner; they spend hours on the computer or watching TV; and they are more connected to their Facebook friends than to the person they promised to love and cherish until death do them part," he said.

"Technology is interrupting our relationships and allowing us to avoid each other. It has become a way of avoiding real relationships and intimacy," he added.

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