Man planning to assassinate Obama at golf range arrested in US

Washington, July 8(ANI): A 41-year-old American man, James V. McVay, who is charged in the stabbing death of a 75-year-old woman in South Dakota, has claimed that he had planned to assassinate President Barack Obama "at a golf range".

McVay was arrested less than three hours after police discovered Maybelle Schein's body.

Authorities say that Schein's stolen car's global-positioning system led them to McVay in Madison.

In statements to police, and in an unusual jailhouse interview with reporters, McVay said that he had spent two years while in prison developing a plan.

He revealed that he planned, first, to kill someone in South Dakota and steal that person's vehicle to drive to Madison.

In Madison, he planned to break into another house to kill the occupants and steal their vehicle, or ambush a Madison police officer to steal that officer's gun.

He would have traveled through Chicago, stopping again in Indianapolis to kill people and steal a vehicle to drive to Washington.

"I'm going to kill and kill until I get him. One of his favorite pastimes, golfing; I was going to get him at the golf range," CNN quoted McVay, as having told police, referring to Obama.

He said that the 75-year-old woman in South Dakota was "collateral damage".

It was not the first time that McVay had made threats of this nature.

In 2009, following an arrest involving another stolen car, McVay had told police that he had planned to travel to Washington where he intended to harm Vice President Joe Biden.

McVay's criminal history spans decades and includes convictions for assault, burglary, theft, drunken driving and drug possession.

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