Iranian minister brands Gates arms allegations as "baseless"

Tehran, July 3: Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi has slammed the arms allegations made by U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates against the Iran, branding it as "baseless".

Vahidi made the remark in response to the recent allegations made by Gates who claimed that Iran was involved in inflicting casualties on U.S. troops in Iraq and that the country is likely to find access to nuclear weapons in the next three years, Xinhua quoted a report by Iran's official IRNA news agency, as saying.

The U.S. officials have resorted to such baseless allegations to justify their wrong policies during Gates' term of office, Vahidi said.

Referring to comments made ten years ago by high-ranking U.S. officials that Iran would gain access to nuclear weapons within three years, Vahidi said: "We see that ... nothing has happened."

Instead of accusing others, American officials should amend their wrong policies that have brought them failures and defeats in the region, such as in Iraq and Afghanistan, he added.

Iran had been imposed with sanctions in the past because of its ambitious nuclear programme.

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