Obama collects from over 400,000 donors in first quarter of 2012 poll campaign

Washington, July 2: US President Barack Obama's camp has collected money from 493,697 individual donors at the end of the first significant fundraising quarter of the 2012 election cycle.

The Obama campaign had only amassed 180,000 contributors by this time in 2007, his campaign announced on Twitter, CBS News reports.

Obama and the Democratic National Committee had aimed to raise 60 million dollars in the second quarter of this year for his re-election campaign, the same amount he raised for his first presidential campaign in the second quarter of 2007.

However, they have not announced as of now whether they have managed to meet that goal.

The second quarter ended Midnight Thursday, and information on the candidates' fundraising will be made public on July 15.

Obama is expected to have raised much higher than his Republican counterpart, with reports saying that Mitt Romney is expected to report less than 20 million dollars raised.

The New York Times had earlier reported that Pawlenty, one of the first Republicans to officially enter the race, brought in less than five million dollars, putting him almost in line with Jon Huntsman, who entered the race nine days ago and raised over four million pounds.

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