Paula the Octopus to predict women’s football World Cup results

London, June 25(ANI): Paul the Octopus' would-be successor, Paula, will predict the results of the women's football World Cup, which starts in Germany on Sunday.

Paula the Octopus lives at the Sea Life Aquarium in the southern German town of Konstanz.

The octopus was put through her paces on Friday, but made the shock choice that Canada will win the opening match against the hosts in Berlin.

It had to choose between two compartments in a plastic box in its tank, one with a Germany flag and one with a Canada one, with each containing a tasty morsel, The Telegraph reports.

Paula is one of eight salty soothsayers housed at eight different Sea Life centres in Germany competing to become the official successor to Paul, who lived in an aquarium in Oberhausen.

All eight will be asked to predict the outcome of all Germany's matches in the June 26-July 17 competition.

Paul had gained worldwide fame by correctly calling the outcome of eight men's football World Cup matches last year.

He retired from his soothsaying role after the tournament and died in October.

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