Taliban - US talks may not yield results

Islamabad, June 21: The US is unlikely to broker a successful peace deal during talks with the Taliban. Pakistani analysts say that the Americans will not leave Afghanistan despite promising troop withdrawals.

Pakistani analysts believe that the Americans will never leave Afghanistan but will maintain a considerable presence there to bother Pakistan. They also say, after the Americans leave, more drone attacks will take place and India will start acting up too and will play a more aggressive role.

The US could use their residual presence in Afghanistan to targeting Pakistan's nuclear weapons in a kind of nutcracker strategy in tandem with India.

The Americans, who are reportedly in talks with Taliban factions in the north, have not yet been able to get any other factions to the negotiation table.

Even though it is emerging that some 1700 Taliban fighters are ready to surrender their arms. Concerns over the success of the talks still remain.

The Taliban are a 40000 strong force, and1700 men surrendering will surely not shake the foundations of the deep-rooted fundamentalist organization.

The Americans have failed to impress upon Taliban groups from South, who have refused to enter any talks. The other powerful Taliban bloc based in Pakistan, Siraj Haqqani network is also not talking.

The Taliban are also closely linked to the local Pashtun clans. Most Taliban supporters come from among the Pashtuns who dominate southern and eastern Afghanistan. They are persistent in fighting wars, creating long deadlocks.

Many analysts also say that it is time for Pakistan to participate in United Nations backed negotiations in Afghanistan and ensure with the US that peaceful borders are maintained. This could bring an end to Al Qaeda and Taliban terror in Pakistan.

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