Reagan would have been disappointed seeing GOP 'isolationismí: McCain

Washington, June 20: Republican Senator John McCain has expressed disappointment over the 2012 potential GOP candidates' habit of breaking with party traditions by preaching 'isolationism', saying that former President Ronald Reagan would have lamented that 'that's not the Republican Party of the 21st century', had he been alive.

McCain, the Republican candidate in the 2008 presidential elections, said that if Reagan were still alive, he would have been disappointed in last week's Republican presidential debate in which candidates voiced impatience with U.S. military efforts in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya.

If Reagan was alive, "he would be saying: 'That's not the Republican Party of the 20th century, and now the 21st century. That is not the Republican Party that has been willing to stand up for freedom for people for all over the world,'" the Daily Mail quoted him, as saying.

Senator Lindsey Graham, who was one of McCain's top advisers in the 2008 campaign, backed McCain's views, saying that 'isolationism' is creeping in among members of the Republican Party.

"If you think the pathway to the GOP nomination in 2012 is to get to Barack Obama's left on Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq, you are going to meet a lot of headwinds," Graham added.

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