Police station offering interpretation service for deaf and dumb people in Jaipur

Jaipur, June 19(ANI): To ensure deliverance of justice, Jaipur police authorities have been maintaining an interpretation centre for deaf and dumb people to help them to report crime and lodge official police complaints against culprits.

Operating since 2004, the initiative has been benefiting 6000-8000 people.

The communication between the victims and a translator is also videotaped to ensure credibility of the traversed information.

According to Manoj Bardhwaj, an interpreter, dumb and deaf people can benefit from the initiative and lodge a FIR (First Information Report) using sign language.

"If a deaf and dumb person wants to lodge a complaint in a local police station, they should visit this police station as we provide interpretation services. Using sign language they can express themselves against a crime committed against them, in the presence of a videographer," Bardhwaj said.

"It is very difficult for a person like this to communicate with someone who does not understand the sign language. We launched this program to aid the deaf and dumb so that they can express themselves aptly and lodge FIRs and facilitate legal proceedings thereafter," he added.

Exemplifying the horrors faced by deaf and dumb girls, he said this initiative is vital to ensure efficient reporting of crime in the state.

"If at all an incident of molestation or harassment takes place with a deaf and dumb girl it becomes very difficult for her to communicate the course of events to a local police station, which does not have interpretation services. In such conditions, some cases go unreported, which is detrimental for law and order in the city. This facility is aimed at helping even young men as well as aged people in the city," he said.

According to statistics, there are 1.4 million deaf and dumb people in Rajasthan.

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