Congresswoman urges Obama to withdraw 50000 troops from Afghanistan

Washington, June 18: A US congresswoman has urged President Barack Obama to withdraw at least half of the troops deployed in Afghanistan.

Known for her anti war stand, Republican Barbara Lee (D-Oakland) said that there was an emerging need to reduce the presence of US troops in Afghanistan.

"As the president contemplates this decision, I urge him to hold true to his comments that he will seriously consider a 'significant' reduction of U.S. troops in Afghanistan," Lee was quoted, as saying by The Los Angeles Times.S military officials say a large force is needed and that the U.S. should stick with its plan to turn over security in the country to Afghan forces by the end of 2014.

"A more significant and reasonable goal would be the withdrawal of 50,000 combat troops. Any withdrawal plan should begin immediately and be conducted swiftly, not dragged out over years." Lee added.

Congress has grown increasingly war-weary especially after the US joined NATO- led operation in Libya.

Last month, the House fell about a dozen votes short of passage of legislation pressing the administration on an exit strategy for Afghanistan.

Lee's remarks come at a time when the Congress is about to begin debating the annual Pentagon appropriations bill, which has been used in past efforts to reduce war funds.

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