NYPD honours men who helped to avert Times Square bombing

New Delhi, June 15: The New York Police Department (NYPD) has awarded some of its personnel for preventing last year's Times Square car bombing.

NYPD honoured 47 of its members - including two detectives during its medal's day ceremony, New York Post reports.

Detectives Patrick LaScala and Raymond Clair of the bomb squad received 'medals for valor' for their role in disarming the deadly explosive device that had been planted in a car.

"We knew we had a bomb on the scene that we had to deal with it. We put our heads together, developed a plan and attacked the vehicle like we're trained to do, and it all worked out for the entire city" New York Post quoted LaScala as saying.

Thirty other NYPD cops received the 'Police Combat Cross'. Ten members of the service who died of illnesses contracted during the 9/11 rescue and recovery operation were posthumously awarded the Distinguished Service Medal.

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