Palin resigned as Alaska Governor a year after thinking about quitting

London, June 12: A email exchange has revealed how Sarah Palin almost resigned from her job as Alaska Governor thanks to constant intrusion into her family life and rumours about an affair.

She described herself as 'at the breaking point' from 'hurtful gossip' about her family life by Wasilla blogger Sherry Whitstine - before an aide encouraged her to 'hang in there', the Daily Mail reports.

The 47-year-old was coming under fire at the time in July 2008 from the blogger, known as 'syrin', and was clearly feeling the strain of the job, saying: 'Many days I feel like it's not worth it'.

The messages were found as reporters and critics scoured for scandal in 24,000 pages of her personal emails during her time as Alaska Governor published for the first time today.

Her long-time friend and aide Ivy Frye forwarded her an email sent to the Anchorage Daily News newspaper that claimed the blogger's comments 'are never on topic, nor are they civil'.

Whitstine, whom Palin refers to as 'Sherry', 'accuses the governor of having an affair or makes hateful comments about her young children', the message said.

This prompted Palin to say: 'Guys, I may be pretty wimpy about this family stuff, but I feel like I'm at the breaking point with the hurtful gossip about my family that Sherry and others get away with.

'Bear with me. I hate this part of the job and many days I feel like it's not worth it when they have to put up with the hate that spews from people like Sherry, and there are others.'

That emotional email prompted an exchange with aide Rosanne Hughes, who said: 'Governor, do you know how loved you are? These four or five bitter people are so not representative.'

A response came minutes later from Palin's daughter Bristol, who wrote while her mother was driving that they 'were just praying about the hurt and anger that comes with her job'.

Palin eventually resigned from her post as Alaska Governor around a year later in July 2009.

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