Palin says GOP needs a “fighter” to challenge Obama in 2012 presidential polls

Washington, June 6: Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has said that there is a dire need of a strong Republican candidate to challenge Barack Obama in the 2012 presidential polls.

Raising the possibility of that a third party may emerge out of disaffected Republicans, Palin said: "Too many in the GOP are still resistant and resisting the movement of this new crop of common sense conservatives. If they are not careful, a new third party will rise up, just like in day when the Whigs finally went away and Republicans rose up."

On being asked whether she would consider running for president as a third-party candidate, Palin first noted that although people in the field for the GOP nomination shared her values and views about the economic situation, she feared those in the field "are not going to be aggressive enough and lay it all on the line," and will engage in too much "political correctness" during a campaign, CBS News reports.

"We are going to need a fighter in there," she added.

Earlier, Palin had said that she did not mean to steal media attention through her One Nation" tour bus in New Hampshire on the day Mitt Romney announced his candidacy for president.

Although she disagreed with Romney's health care policy that he had introduced while he was Governor of Massachusetts, she insisted that it was not her intention to diminish his image because she believed Romney had the capability of taking 'good, sound, fiscally responsible decisions for our nation.'

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