‘Pakistan military behind recent attempt to assassinate Zardari’

Tehran, June 5(ANI): The recent bid to assassinate Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari is part of the military's policy to "attempt on those lives with whom they have a difference," a professor of Law at Trinity University in Washington has said.

When asked in a Press TV interview whether this attempted assassination was the continuation of a plot that had killed Zardari's wife Benazir Bhutto on December 27, 2007, Dr. Syed Ali Wasif said: "This is not as simple as it seems. This relates to a history of three decades."

"Terrorism is the basic problem of Pakistan, but by Pakistan's military forces - it's not from an outside entity. It's basically a failed policy over the past three decades by Pakistan's military force," he maintained.

The professor said that blast or terrorist incidents in Pakistan, including the assassination attempt against Zardari, is basically the "policy of the military, which is sometimes hidden and sometimes open."

"They make attempts on those lives with whom they have a difference. And this time I think the difference concerns the operations in Waziristan. I think now they are trying to shut Asif Zardari down," he opined.

Dr. Wasif also said that when "you have Pakistan's military, you do not need any external enemy for that matter to push Pakistan's people to press democracy."

He claimed that terrorism and killing, shooting and sectarian violence in the country were "basically an official policy of Pakistan's military" to ensure its influence over the political landscape of Pakistan.

"The case today with Zardari may be an inside job - those who have been dealing with the generals and ISI [Inter-Services Intelligence] spy agency and organizations in the religious and political wings, which are basically organized, backed and financed by the military," Dr. Wasif said.

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