Britainís 200th richest man struggles to fill forms, decipher road signs

London, June 4: A business tycoon who features amongst Britain's richest people has confessed that he suffers from dyslexia and cannot read.

Mega-millionaire Andreas Panayiotou admitted that he cannot even fill out a simple passport form and has to concentrate really hard to decipher road signs when driving.

At 400 million pounds, Panayiotou has become UK's 200th wealthiest person and has five kids.

"As a child, I tried my best to read. The words would get scrambled in my brain," The Sun quoted him as saying.

Following his handicap, Panayiotou left school when he was 14 and learned to beat his dyslexia as he built a property and hotel empire.

The man who owns three planes and a 12 million pounds yacht admits, "on the motorway I have to concentrate to read the road signs. It still induces feelings of anxiety."

"Filling out forms for stuff like passport control is also a no-go area," he further explained.

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