Sarah Palin slammed for eating pizza with fork in NY!

New York, June 2: Potential GOP presidential candidate Sarah Palin has been slammed for eating pizza with a fork in New York.

The Tea Party favorite and fellow GOP media-monger Donald Trump shared a pie at Famiglia Pizzeria in Times Square during a stop on her 'One Nation' bus tour on Tuesday and both of them used forks.

"She doesn't know any better. Only Sarah Palin would eat pizza with a fork in New York," the New York Daily News quoted Darrell Carter, an exterminator from the Bronx, as saying.

Adama Tourray, a clothing store employee from the Bronx, said he has never seen anyone eat pizza with a fork in the Big Apple before.

"It's not New York style. You got to grab it," he said.

Others have a bigger problem with the potential presidential candidate's political views than her eating style.

"I can't even get past the picture of her with Donald Trump to comment on the food," said Dolly Williams, a 38-year-old from midtown.

But if she could instruct Palin on how to eat a slice of pizza, she would tell her to use her hands.

"Fold it length-wise and eat it from the narrow end up," said Williams.

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