Strauss-Kahn ally accused of 'orgy with young boys' in Morocco

London, June 2: Former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn's ally Jack Lang, has been accused of 'an orgy with little boys' in Morocco.

No one directly came out and accused Lang of the orgy, but Luc Ferry, a former minister of the Socialist party in France hinted about it on TV, by saying that an attack took place in Marrakech city.

He said the attack uncovered by police who raided a 'palm grove', was an open secret that had been discussed openly by a former Prime Minister, The Daily Mail reports.

When asked if he had any proof, Ferry clearly said no, but claimed he has testimony from cabinet members at the highest level.

Ferry said he had no intention of naming the former minister, saying if he lets his name out now, then he himself would be charged and doubtlessly convicted, even if the story is true.

Lang, the former Socialist culture and education secretary has denied the allegations.

"I don't want to get involved in these stories for now. I will speak in due course," said Lang.

"This case is sadly trivial. Vulgarity is part of our world. All those who question my honour - newspapers and individuals will be all be prosecuted," he added.

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