‘Much-hated’ rats now making perfect pets for New Yorkers! (Reissue)

New York, May 30: The ‘much-hated’ rats are precious pets for many in New York as they can be trained like dogs and are clean like cats.

According to them, the social creatures are also expressive, able to bond and very playful.“Rats are very misunderstood, noting that to know one is to love one. The rat is as much a part of us as your dog is a part of you and your family. We love them, and we feel love back,” The New York Daily News quoted Raquel Citron, organizer of the N.Y.C. Rat Meetup Group, as saying.

The organization of the N.Y.C. Rat Meetup Group has 425 local rat fanciers and they work to educate the public and facilitate rat rescues around the country.

Rats only live an average of two to three years, with death often brought on by respiratory infections or tumors. But Manhattan artist, Dani Wilbert believes that rats can live longer with proper nutrition.

Wilbert is also a big proponent of rescuing rats from pet stores, breeders and shelters and her paintings and sculptures are inspired by her love for the species.

Last year, 16 pet rats had landed at NYC Animal Care
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