‘Frustrated’ Chinese bomber who committed suicide ‘hailed a hero’ online

Beijing, May 28(ANI): Days after a Chinese man set off bombs in local government buildings and killed himself, the country's Internet users have said that they understand his frustration and his actions.

Qian Mingqi, who spent a decade unsuccessfully attempting to win legal redress for what he said was the illegal demolition of his home, had set off three bombs in three government offices in Fuzhou, Jiangxi province on Thursday.

In a post that was sent on a Chinese microblog similar to Twitter just before his attack, he said he wanted "to use action to remove evil-doers for the people".

Most of the comments on Chinese websites and microblogs have treated Qian's action as righteous vengeance, rather than a terrorist attack.

"Warrior, rest in peace," The Christian Science Monitor quoted one post.

"How brave you are to do such things. I hope you win justice," said another.

Meanwhile, Li Chengpeng, one of China's most popular and influential bloggers, said: "Qian was no Bin Laden, he was one of the weak. He had no way to express himself nor defend his rights."

This is not the first time that fierce violence was chosen to resolve a dispute in recent years in China.

Xia Junfeng, an angry vendor, had stabbed two local officials to death for apparent unfair treatment.

Yang Jia, a jobless drifted, had murdered six policemen in Shanghai after being suspected of stealing a bicycle.

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