Hindu priests protest against Swami Agnivesh’s statement over Amarnath shrine

Ludhiana, May 22(ANI): Hundreds of protestors belonging to the Sangla Shiwala Mandir carried out a demonstration against social activist Swami Agnivesh in Ludhiana on Sunday.

They strongly condemned Swami Agnivesh's anti-Hindu remarks on Amarnath Temple, a religious shrine of Lord Shiva.

The agitating protestors burnt his effigy and raised slogans against him.

The Amarnath Temple in Jammu and Kashmir has an ice stalagmite that resembles Lord Shiva.

According to protestors, Swami Agnivesh insulted Lord Shiva by saying that the ice stalagmite, in the caves of Amarnath, is just another block of ice and holds no religious significance.

"Swami Agnivesh has passed derogatory remarks about the Amarnath shrine. He called the sacred ice stalagmite, representing Lord Shiva as just another block of ice. We consider this as an insult of our lord. Hence, we are carrying out this demonstration demanding strict action to be taken against him," said Swami Narayandass Puri, head priest of Sangla Shivala Mandir.

The temple is opened only once a year, during the month of July-August for 45 days, during which devotees from all across India throng the shrine.

According to Hindu mythology Lord Shiva, explained the secret of life and eternity to his wife Goddess Parvati, whose ice formation is also present in the cave.

The Amarnath caves are said to be over 5,000 years old.

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