Michelle Obama joins 2012 US presidential campaign

Washington, May 20: US First Lady Michelle Obama has started her campaign for the 2012 presidential elections, highlighting the accomplishments of the administration, while saying that she was not too keen about Barack Obama running for president.

"I wasn't exactly enthusiastic about the idea" of Barack Obama running, I knew he would make an extraordinary president, but like a lot of folks, I still had some cynicism about presidential politics," Politico quoted Michele as saying at the 17th Annual Women's Leadership Forum National Issues Conference in Washington.

The event at the Grand Hyatt was her second of the 2012 campaign cycle.

Repeating some themes from 2008, she said on Thursday: "I have one question for you. Are you in? Are you in? Because I'm in. I hope that all of you are fired up. I hope all of you are ready to go."

The president was criticized last week for mentioning Osama bin Laden in a campaign speech, but Michelle Obama on Thursday offered her first public thoughts on the mission at the leadership event, which benefits the Obama Victory Fund.

"Thanks to the tireless work of our intelligence and counter terrorism communities and the heroic efforts of our troops, the man behind the 9/11 attacks has finally been brought to justice," she said.

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