US troop morale drooping, stress levels on the rise: Report

Washington, May 20: A survey carried out by the US military has found that troops doing duty in the war zones of Iraq and Afghanistan have stress levels that are on the rise and also a low level of morale.

Over 1,200 soldiers and Marines in Iraq and Afghanistan participated in the surveys between July and August of last year, the Christian Science Monitor (CSM) reports.

The survey found that morale among American troops underwent a "significant decline" between 2005 and 2009.

Soldiers also experienced "significantly higher" instances of depression or anxiety, during the same period. Nearly half of combat

Now, the study is being released as America's longest war - in Afghanistan - is about to enter its second decade.

Senior US military officials say they are hopeful that the research will provide insights into better caring for American soldiers currently facing "incredibly high" levels of combat.

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