UFO sighting in Gold Coast captured on video

Washington, May 5: A UFO that was sighted in the Gold Coast of Australia has been captured on a 10-minute video.

Brisbane man Sean Coulter was winding down from a night of partying at Tallai with 10 mates on February 6 when he spotted the strange light.

The friends had hired an isolated property for a 21st birthday party and, after their big night, thought they were seeing things.

After watching the strange light moving about for 15 minutes, they decided to film it, capturing 10 minutes of footage.

"It was ... in front of the clouds and there wasn't a star to be seen, just this bright white light," the Courier Mail quoted Coulter as saying.

"It was moving left to right and was only a couple of hundred metres away. The whole thing was really eerie. It was like it was watching us," he said.

Coulter said the light appeared to slowly move away from them and draw clouds towards it, followed by a flash electrical storm, and when the clouds cleared, he said the object was gone.

"I've never seen anything like it before. It was out of this world. Some of my mates that saw it are the biggest sceptics you've ever met but after seeing it they believe in UFOs," he explained.

"I work as a traffic controller so I spend a lot of time outside at night and see lots of things in the sky. This was like nothing else," he added.

UFO Research Queensland is examining Coulter's footage.

A spokesman from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority said he was not aware of recent UFO reports on the Coast.

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