Kabul base attack raises question about Afghan troop loyalty

Washington, Apr.28: The shooting of eight foreign soldiers and a contractor by an Afghan Air Force officer has once again raised questions about security maintenance inside government or military installations, as also the readiness and loyalty of Afghan soldiers

According to the Christian Science Monitor (CSM), the attack in the heart of Kabul and in a heavily guarded base is bound to raise questions about the US-led war effort.

The brazen escape of hundreds of Taliban prisoners in Kandahar also suggests that average Afghans are chafing against a foreign military presence that is almost a decade old.

Ties between the US and Afghanistan can at best be described as tenuous and rocky.

With the international community having spent about 1.3 billion dollars on the Afghan National Police since 2002, Wednesday's murders point to the most crucial question about the war - whether enough Afghan soldiers and police are sufficiently loyal to make the US vision for Afghanistan a reality?

Ministry of Defense officials say the shooting stemmed from a personal disagreement. The Taliban say the killer worked for them.

Wednesday's killings mark the fourth time this month a member of the Afghan security forces, or someone dressed in an Afghan security uniform, killed soldiers inside a secure military compound.

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