Anarchists planning to disrupt UK royal wedding

London, Apr 24: UK Uncut, a decentralised protest group established in October 2010 to protest against tax avoidance in Britain, is planning to disrupt peaceful protests against the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, and launch violent attacks in central London.

Police fear that it could be in the line of last month's massive trade union march against spending cuts, which was attacked by small groups of masked militants in London's busiest shopping streets, The Telegraph reports.

The group is reportedly planning to dismantle the occasion under the slogan "Reclaim the Royal Wedding", and urged opponents of the monarchy to join the crowds outside Westminster Abbey and in Parliament Square.

As the ceremony reaches its climax inside the abbey they plan to unveil banners and placards and shout anti-royal slogans, the paper said.

Reclaim the Royal Wedding's organisers posted messages on Facebook, saying:

"We cannot BE SEEN to condone any individuals or groups who do protest outside Westminster Abbey because protesting in the designated area is unlawful.

John Shepherd, Susan Petal and Ingrid Muller are three of the activists behind the protest.

"The monarchy for centuries has stood as a beacon of the status quo, at the apex of our society it represents and perpetuates the sheer inequality and wealth disparity in British society, and this wedding reinforces that view," Shepherd, a supporter of the UK Uncut, said.

"We are not 'all in this together' and we want to make our voices heard, peacefully," he added.

Police are receiving intelligence reports on plans to disrupt the wedding on a daily basis, from both covert and open sources, such as social networking sites.

However, they assured "we will try and take a pre-emptive strike against them."

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