Brit-Indian honeymooner collapses after court hearing in London

London, Apr 15: Brit-Indian honeymoon murder suspect, Shrien Dewani, collapsed and had to be helped by relatives into a car after a Westminster Magistrates Court heard how he had threatened to punch a nurse at the Priory Clinic in London.

He was also heard mumbling to himself following the hearing.

Thirty-one-year-old Dewani was arrested on April 10 after staff at the Priory Clinic called police to inform that he was becoming unmanageable day by day, The Sun reports.

Dewani was moved from the clinic for frightening other patients, including throwing a plate at another patient's door.

The paper quoted Hugo Keith QC, representing the South African authorities, as saying that the Indian-origin business tycoon's behaviour had turned so unmanageable that the clinic staff had to call police on April 10 following two days of aggressive behaviour.

"Staff nurse Miriam Andrews made a statement to police. She said his behaviour is volatile. He has never been fully compliant and complains a lot," he told the court.

"He has shouted at staff before and been very aggressive toward them. On April 10 just after 7am he went into an office leaving the door open to use the phone in order to ring a health care agency and make a complaint. The member of staff went in and ended the call and he said: "How dare you put the phone down?" and shouted at her," Keith added.

Dewani is fighting moves to have him extradited to South Africa for trial over suspicion that he had paid a driver to kill his wife, Anni, during their honeymoon in Cape Town last November. ANI)

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