Former Chief Justice of India criticizes Manmohan Singh over corruption scams

New Delhi, Apr 2(ANI): Former Chief Justice of India J.S. Verma on Saturday criticized Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh for his inefficient role in controlling corruption scams in the government.

Addressing an anti-corruption seminar in the national capital, Verma said that good leadership is the most essential requirement to root corruption from the country.

"According to me, the top man is (should be) the kind of person that you need to be at the top, then half (the job) is already (done), at least 50 percent, you have no problem," Verma said.

Criticizing Singh's leadership, Verma said the Prime Minister's honesty - that he is often credited with - is rather the basic requirement of a Prime Minister, than an asset.

"They say no, but the top man is very honest, not taking a personal bribe. That is no credit, that is the minimum we require. That's why I said the other things, integrity, honesty, etc. - I mean you don't have to, where some one has to say 'I am honest', that is actually insulting to honesty," Verma said.

Former Chief Justice of India also criticized his own fraternity for raising a hue and cry over the issue of judges making details of their assets public.

He said judges are supposed to follow the doctrine of 'minimum confidentiality-maximum disclosure', but a reverse of it is being followed.

"Of all persons, my own fraternity, you see, they don't want to disclose anything. I have never understood it and have sent it publicly that I have no restriction, and I am repeating it again: the judiciary's main function is to open, the hearing is in open, everyone is entitled to be present at the public hearing," Verma said.

"The judgment is written giving reasons and everyone is entitled to make a fair comment on that. If our essential function is judicial and that is in the open, then why should it be in secrecy my administrative act of appointing a peon?" he added.

The seminar, organized by the non-government organization Vivekananda International Foundation, had various scholars and politicians talking on cases of corruption that had surfaced during the tenure of the present Congress party-led government.

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