Japanese frustrated over lack of information from government, power firm

Tokyo, Mar. 17: A majority of Japanese have said that they have lost faith in both the government and the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) in the wake of the lack of information about the Fukushima nuclear blast tragedy.

According to CBS News, people feel the government and the TEPCO are not telling the truth.

"The Prime Minister and TEPCO say we are fine. But things keep happening that say we aren't fine", said a Tokyo resident.

Hideyuki Ban of Citizen's Nuclear Information said TEPCO did not tell the truth about the nuclear plants in the past, and they are still hiding the truth.

Prime Minister Naoto Kan publically urged citizens to stay calm. But privately, he has exploded asking TEPCO executives - "What the hell is going on?"

Nuclear experts say this crisis is dangerous and unreliable information is making the situation even worse.

Bluce Klingner of the Heritage Foundation said the Japanese public, "is uncertain about the accuracy of the information and that is inhibiting and effective crisis response."

People in Japan were alarmed after the government warned that radiation at the plant were high, all workers were evacuated. When levels dropped and workers returned, no one offered an explanation.

"Even we don't have the latest information", "It's not because TEPCO is hiding it, and they don't have it." said nuclear engineer.

Japan's worst nuclear accident is growing panic and suspicion among people and they are looking for government's answers and support in these crisis.

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