Ratings for ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’ remain high

Washington, Dec 18: Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin's reality show on TLC is said to have received inconsistent ratings, which have remained relatively high.

According to Nielsen, the show 'Sarah Palin's Alaska' was TLC's most-watched series premiere in network's history when it debuted November 14, pulling in just shy of 5 million viewers.fter that, the second episode was viewed by only 3 million, inspiring a lot of finger wagging, and then the third instalment had about 3.5 million viewers.

The fourth episode, in which Palin, 46, goes hunting, pulled in only 2.8 million people despite all the attention her caribou kill got, but an appearance by Kate Gosselin of "Kate Plus 8" fame brought the ratings back up to 3.1 million viewers.

People watching the shows are older, and lead digital strategist for SPAlaska.com, Brian Reich, said that it is expected for a Palin crowd.

He said that the viewership for the most recent episode featuring Gosselin and her brood of multiples "had the youngest median age".

"In general, over the last couple of airings, median age declined," the Politico quoted him as saying.

"The fact that that's the trend in general, I think proves that an online conversation can complement a television show and expand the potential for people to see it," he added.

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