Mikki Nicholson spells success in UK Scrabble championship

London, Nov 01: Mikki Nicholson has won the Scrabble championship in UK.

Nicholson, 32, from Cumbria, took the crown with the word "obeisant", which scored 86 points and won 1,500 pounds prize money.

She outplayed Mark Nyman, who has won more than 20 major Scrabble contests, including the World Championship.

Other words used in the final were "inficete", meaning unfunny, and "oceanaut", an undersea explorer.

"It was a big challenge but I wouldn't have entered if I didn't think I had a chance of winning, the BBC quoted Nicholson, who learned to play the game on the internet five years ago, as saying.

Explaining her route to victory, Nicholson said, "A good Scrabble player is intuitive. They also need to be good with numbers.

"People think Scrabble is just about words, but it's the numbers that win the game so a sound mathematical brain is an advantage.

"The best word I played was 'inficete' as it changed the flow of the game and my best move was when I played 'tenor', as it allowed me to open up the board for me to play a high-scoring K," Nicholson added.

A Scrabble spokeswoman said, "Scrabble is a game for anyone to enjoy, loved by generations of families, men and women and anyone."
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