Chinese put up XXX road sign after forgetting to name the street!

London, Oct 29: In an unusual yet funny incident, traffic officials in China forgot to name a road and put up ‘XXX’ sign instead.The motorway in the southeastern province of Guangzhou was due to be named in honor of local Communist Party leaders but town hall committees couldn't agree which one.

So they marked the plans for the road ‘XXX’ and forgot it until they saw the road signs going up in both Chinese and English two months later.

"It is very embarrassing but they had to let it go ahead because no one wanted to admit there was an error and have to take the blame for it," the Telegraph quoted one highway worker as saying.

However, three days after photographs of the sign began circulating on the Chinese Internet, local authorities finally admitted the mistake and removed the sign.

"The city construction committee extends gratitude to the citizen who pointed out the mistake and hopes public will continue to supervise their works,” said an official.
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