India to host 2010 World Billiards Championship at Pune

Mumbai July 18: Pune has been chosen to host the 2010 World Billiards Championship, which is expected to feature ace cueists from across the globe.

The Billiards and Snooker Federation of India (BSFI) would be hosting the grand event in Pune, Maharashtra, said officials.

Former world champion and well-known cueist Geet Sethi highlighted the global prospects of hosting an event of such a prestigious stature.

"Pune has a very conducive atmosphere for the game of billiards. Since the last ten years, Pune has been very friendly, supportive and receptive towards the game and this has made it very suitable for hosting a tournament of such a prestigious stature," said Geet Sethi.

"This is why events like the national championships as well as the recent Asian championships were hosted successfully here. The excellent organisation seen in those tourneys has proven beyond all doubt that Pune can perfectly host the World Billiards Championships," Sethi added.

He also noted that since the game of the green blaze is popular world over, India's reputation as a suitable venue would be established globally if the event went off smoothly.

BSFI officials shared similar thoughts and maintained that India is fully prepared to make the championship a success.

"Any global tournament that is organised in India automatically builds up the city's as well as the country's image globally. Hence, it is very important to host such international events," said Rajan Khinvasara, BSFI Vice-President.

The event would see the participation of renowned players, many of whom are considered maestro of the green blaze.

Players from 15 different countries, including England, Australia, Thailand, Malta, Ireland, New Zealand, Belgium, Sri Lanka and Vietnam, would be playing at the Championship.

The tournament will take place between August 20 and August 28 this year.

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