Obama's stature among Muslims slips over Israeli-Palestinian standoff

Washington, June 5: Sixty percent of Arabs say that US President Barack is too weak to deliver on a Middle East peace agreement.

The YouGov statistic surfaces a year to the day of Obama's famous Cairo speech, in which outlined a relationship based on mutual interests and respect, left many in the region hopeful of significant change from Bush policies.

Many still believe that Obama has good intentions, but according to the Christian Science Monitor, the perception that he has failed to deliver on his promises.

Former investment banker Rana Jarbou of Saudi Arabia said: "With regard to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, no concrete steps have been made, and the whole region is definitely affected and influenced by this conflict."

In his Cairo speech, Obama promised to fight violent extremism in a way that engages, not alienates, the Muslim world; to work to resolve the Iranian nuclear situation; and to support democracy in the region.

"Obama promised he would solve the Arab-Israeli conflict for good, not just push ahead with the process. But in fact he's just pushing ahead with the process. And, as long as that happens, things are going to be bad," says Joshua Landis, director of the University of Oklahoma's Center for Middle East Studies and a renowned expert on Syria.

Amr Hamzawy, research director at the Carnegie Middle East Center in Beirut, Lebanon, said: "Everyone recognizes the fact that here you have a president whose intentions are the right ones and is trying to push in the right direction. People are once again listening to what the US is saying, which was not the case in the last years."

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