It would be 'idiotic' to legalise ball tampering: Ex Pak cricketers

Karachi, Feb.11: Just a few days after former Pakistan batsman Rameez Raja described ball tampering as the 'Standard Operating Procedure' (SOP) of Pakistan cricket, several greats have lashed out at the idea of legalising the banned act.

Former Pakistan pacer, Sarfaraz Nawaz, who is considered as one of the best swing bowlers of all time, has termed the idea of legalising ball tampering as 'idiotic'.

"Pushing the idea of legalising ball tampering is simply idiotic. Who would frame the limits for ball tampering? Who would ascertain that the ball has been tampered to allowed extent or not and on what basis it would critically be decided to penalise if the bowling side has exceeded the allowed limits?" Nawaz said.

He also supported the huge advantages batsmen enjoy nowadays, such as powerplay, free hit and limiting bouncers.

"Spectators come to ground after having spent money to see some fireworks from the batsmen. If ball tampering is allowed every bowler would be able to bowl lethally hence restricting batsmen to measly totals," Nawaz added.

Another former Pakistan cricketer, Javed Miandad criticised people who supported the idea of legalising ball tampering.

Miandad said the concept of 'new ball' would have no meaning once tampering is allowed, as the bowling side would then shape the ball as per their needs.

The former Pakistan captain said batting was a more difficult task than bowling.

"Batsman has only one wicket and he might be caught or bowled any time. On the other hand, we have seen many a times that a bowler fails to pull any wicket during the whole day, and finally in the last few overs he hauls as many as five to six wickets," The Dawn quoted Miandad, as saying.

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