Hate preacher compares Brit soldiers in Afghanistan to Nazi war criminals

London, Jan 5(ANI): Radical Islamic preacher Anjem Choudary has caused fresh outrage by comparing British troops fighting in Afghanistan to Nazi stormtroopers, saying that they were committing "war crimes and many atrocities, including concentration camps like in Nazi Germany".

Choudary made the slur in an interview on a radio station at the same time when it was revealed that the British Army medics had saved the life of a six-year-old Afghan boy.

The six-year-old boy, Rahmadullah, was dying when his family rushed him to a British-run hospital at Camp Bastion, where he was treated by a team led by Lt. Col. Andy Johnston of the Royal Army Medical Corps.

"He was having severe muscle spasms which were affecting his breathing," The Sun quoted Lt. Col. Johnston, as saying.

Earlier, it was reported that Choudary is plotting to register "sick" protests against British troops by sending hate letters to relatives of fallen soldiers.

A hardline group led by Choudary is also planning to march through the town that welcomes home British dead troops.

The 42-year-old claims his campaign is aimed at making the public "realise the truth" about the wars.

"We need to ignite a wider discussion on what is actually taking place. The procession will be peaceful. Those there will have banners saying something like 'British soldiers should return home. There is no need and no right for them to be there," Choudary had said.

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