Malaysian becomes Facebook sensation - thanks to her name "Essasa Sue"!

Kuala Lumpur, December 25: A Malaysian teenager has become a Facebook sensation among Icelanders, thanks to her name that resembles the catchphrase used in a recent Vodafone ad.

"Essasa Sue" was said to have been flooded with hundreds of friend requests after the commercial during which Icelandic actor Pitur Joshann Sigfzsson, mentions the word "Essassu", which means: "Is that you?"

The 19-year-old from Port Klang, full name is Essasa Sie Sue Wei, has since then even inspired a campaign called "We Want To Bring Essasa Sue To Iceland" on the popular social networking website, reports the Star Online.

Quoting British newspaper Daily Telegraph, Kosmo! reported, the teen has had 2,925 friends on her Facebook page.

Sigurjsn Hallgrmmsson, founder of the "bring Essasa Sue to Iceland" campaign, which has more than 1,000 members, revealed it all started as a joke.

The website said: "She is now popular in Iceland and it's time to bring her to this country."

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