Real life 'Edward Scissorhands' invents set of razor sharp 'clawz'

London, Dec 8: Valentino LoSauro, a hairstylist, has aped the character of Edward Scissorhands in real life - he has invented a set of razor sharp 'clawz' which according to him will revolutionise hair cutting.oSauro claims that his invention can crop hair twice as fast as normal scissors.

He spent 150, 000 pounds and two years in making the 'clawz'.

"The idea came to me in the late 90's," the Telegraph quoted LoSauro as saying.

LoSauro added: "I am a pianist as well as a hairdresser and wanted to combine that light fingered touch with my styling.

"So the 'Clawz' were born as a simple idea to bring a musicality to hair styling.

"When I cut the hair I use methods I call 'Flight of the Bumblebee and 'Zap'."

He says it took him a while to use his new device as he needs to bend his fingers to contract the razor in the claws.

He explained: "It took me a couple of years from the launch of the prototype in around 2001 to become really proficient with them.

"Now though I can motor through hair cuts and they are much quicker than usual scissors.

"I can't believe the time it took before hand."

And the stylist takes pride in sharing that even some celebs have had their hair clipped by him.

He said: "Ritchie Sambora of Bon Jovi has let me cut his hair with the 'Clawz'."

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