'Jay Hind!'- the world's 1st ever Internet TV show scores 12 million views in just 3 months

Mumbai, Nov 12 (ANI/Business Wire India): Jay Hind! the World's First Full Format TV Show to air exclusively on the Internet has recorded a record 12 million views in just 3 months of launch. It was a gamble that paid off for the show's producers, Undercover Productions, who took a risk in making a show exclusively for the online platform. Little did they expect the online community to take so well to this novel concept.

Undercover Productions is a boutique production company founded by Mrinal and Abhigyan Jha.

The twice-a-week Late Night Comedy Show, hosted on leading entertainment portal www.buzzintown.com, has garnered rave reviews not only in India but also in countries as far apart as USA and Uganda. The show, along with its title track, puts a spin on almost everything in the news - both local and global. And since the show's humour is rooted in the contemporary, it has struck a chord with the common man.

Mrinal Jha, producer of Jay Hind! and the co-founder of Undercover Productions says, "The internet is the only entertainment medium where the content is consumed by the audience through a 'pull' mechanism. It is also the only medium which has the maximum access points via the mobile phone, desktop or laptop, at home, office or on the go. India is yet to maximise the full potential of this medium and we are glad to be the pioneers in this regard."

A contemporary and edgier version of the iconic Movers and Shakers, Jay Hind! gives you the side view on India - a view, which in its essential departure from the mainstream picture, will change your very perspective of the nation. It is also a sign of the India that's coming - a strong, proud India that doesn't mind laughing at its ironies and follies.

Abhigyan Jha, creative head and director of Jay Hind! and co-founder of Undercover Productions says, "There is a dearth of quality entertainment content on TV. The soaps are getting more and more regressive and the falling TRPs are proof of the fact that the audiences want something new. Even reality shows are witnessing a drastic fall in TRPs. Whereas, on Jay Hind! there is daily rise in the number of viewers and fans. In fact the Facebook page of Jay Hind! already has 2000 fans."

The show features a stand up routine followed by quick one-liners about current events and brief comedy sketches, impromptu street interviews, celebrity interviews and performances. One of the main attractions of the show is 'Savitabhabhi ke sexy solutions' a funny take on Savitabhabhi - the character from the banned portal Savitabhabhi.com. This segment has sexy Savitabhabhi tackling chronic global issues such as global warming, world peace, etc. Another very popular segment is 'Boothnath', where the producers have installed booths across the country with surveillance cameras, so that people can enter, and vent their anger on anything or anyone. What the couch is to the psychiatrist, Boothnath is to the street.

On why he chose this show, Sumeet Raghavan, anchor of Jay Hind! says, "I trusted the makers of the show. Abhigyan is the same person who made Movers and Shakers which was the most successful show on Asian television at one point. Jay Hind! also gave me a chance to do stand up comedy, a genre which I've never explored before. Reaching out to the youth, which spends more time on the internet than TV, was another incentive for me."

The success of the show now has Undercover Productions inundated with advertisers queuing up to buy ad space on www.jayhind.tv / www.jayhind.buzzintown.com. The producers say that most of the offers are coming in from the internet advertising companies who wish to buy banner ads, skins of video player, etc. There are some who also proposed streaming ads during the show's intermission.

Mrinal adds, "We are looking for advertisers who can associate with Jay Hind! as a brand so that we can cut the clutter and offer them something really valuable. With more than a million views per episode, we have the traction to offer any brand a great association, particularly because our audience/fans have great purchasing power, they are male and almost every one of them is a graduate. Of course the brand must be youthful, slightly rebellious, vibrant and have a deviant sense of humour.

This audience and program combination is unmatched on Broadcast TV right now. So the advertiser needs to look at Jay Hind! from the perspective that it is an alternative to normal TV advertising and not as just another internet advertising opportunity."

Another testament to the success of the show is that the internet ranking of Buzzintown.com has been enhanced by over 300 positions since its association with Jay Hind! Each episode of the show has been carried by YouTube as a featured content. In fact the 'Gandhi - Obama Dinner' segment has recently been carried as a Featured Video on the YouTube Global Homepage - a feat unmatched by any video content made in Hindi ever.

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