Uttar Pradesh villages inundated by floods

Bahraich (UP), Aug 25: Flood situation continued to be grim in Bahraich district of Uttar Pradesh.

The rising water level of the River Ghagra and other streams had submerged many villages, damaging houses and destroying standing crops worth millions of rupees.

In Kodhwa village of Bahraich, the residents were forced to take shelter on trees as the gushing waters of River Ghagra marooned their village.

Many families have moved to safer places and staying in makeshift shelters and transit camps.eople complained they were starving in the absence of food and that the administration has done nothing as for any relief measures.

"We are facing a lot of hardships...we spent four days on the branches of a tree and now since water level is receding, there is some relief. But for the fourth successive day we didn't have any food. We haven't received even a pinch of salt from the authorities. None of the officials came to see whether we are dead or alive," said Rajendra Yadav, a resident.

According to local media reports, the floodwaters had entered hundreds of villages and tens of thousands of people have been rendered homeless.

Though the administration has set up some relief camps, these were unable to meet the needs of the affected families.

Heavy downpour after a delayed monsoon has created havoc in many districts of Uttar Pradesh which skirt the India-Nepal border since the waters of swollen rivers and reservoirs in Nepal rush southwards into these districts.

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