Germany's Hitler-style "youth camp" closed down

London, Aug. 5: The plans of Germany's pro-Hitler party to open a Third Reich-style "youth camp" in a small village have been scrapped by a court ruling, which directed Neo-Nazis to evict the hotel premises.

A court in Lower Saxony cleared the way for the debt-ridden hotel owner Jens Wilhelm to throw out the Neo-Nazis, who had been occupying the premises amid a tense standoff with police and local anti-Nazi protesters, The Telegraph reports.

Hours before the decision, German commandos had raided the hotel after hearing what they thought to be gunshots.

They found several fake firearms, a concealable truncheon and pepper spray. Twelve neo-Nazis were on the premises, four of whom were minors and were handed over to youth services.

Later, the eight remaining Neo-Nazis, masked and hooded, a police spokesman said.

Earlier, the owners of the hotel had signed a 10-year lease with J|rgen Rieger, a senior member of German Neo-Nazi National Democratic Party.

Rieger's idea was to convert the old hotel into a pilgrimage for NPD devotees, where they can learn about the "menace" of immigration, the "criminality" of Roma gypsies and the "innate decency of law-abiding German nationalists."

Rieger, 61, has also tried to open Boys From Brazil-style "breeding centres" in other locations. The plan being for all white, Aryan racists like himself to produce offspring to people the Fourth Reich, which he believes will emerge one day.

Wilhelm was rejected a court order to force the neo-Nazis off the property.

Soon after followed violent protests by Left-wing, anti-Nazi groups near the 80-room property.

Rieger was also trying to open a museum in Wolfsburg dedicated to the Nazi leisure organisation Strength Through Joy.

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