Vdopia launches Talk2Me Ad format to increase brand engagement

New Delhi, July 20 (ANI/Business Wire India): Vdopia, the leading online and mobile video monetization player, announced the roll out of Talk2me Ad platform/unit, an innovative ad format from its VDO LAB (the research lab focussed on Online Video Advertising and innovation).

This is part of Vdopia's strategy to keep on adding innovations to its offerings on regular intervals.

According to Ernst and Young, the online video advertisement industry is forecasted to grow at 300 percent in 2009 and Vdopia is poised to retain its leadership position through such innovations. This ad format enables the users to share the ads they like the most, and store them as well.

One can fill in the enquiry form after the ad has played and can also replay the ad. In addition, this format also provides a detailed tracking of the campaign using Vdopia's soon to be launched Performance Beyond Click metrics. Talk2me ad format would be available for brands both in the online and mobile space.

Talk2me ad, which can be shared with various groups on social networking and blogging sites, would automatically enhance the Brand value as it provides unmatched viral effect. The sharing of video on a user profile increases the life of the video ad to a longer span of time as the video ad gets posted on a user profile and can be seen multiple times.

These networking sites provide a driving mechanism to spread the ads among various groups thus reaching to a wide community and creating buzz in the minds of people. In addition, these ads can also be emailed individually to specific people and can further be networked to larger section of the group.

"The market expectation is high as the industry considers Vdopia as a benchmark in online and mobile video monetization space. In fact, the advertisers also consider Vdopia as the most potent partner to grab the attention of their audience. It is this recognition that motivates us to constantly innovate", said Srikanth Kakani, Founder, Vdopia Inc.

"We are proud of this important milestone, demonstrating our competency to provide superior user experience and enhanced return on investment to the brands. This is a significant value addition from our stable," said Saurabh Bhatia, Chief Business Officer-Vdopia Inc.

Till date, majority of the online and mobile ads have limited interactivity. The cost of adding interactivity through third party rich media ad serving companies is fairly high. In fact, the conventional static or any other media advertising do not match up with the Return on Investment that Talk2me Ads deliver.

Vdopia breaks the rule here and will not charge anything extra for these features thereby making talk2me an excellent value proposition for the brand advertisers.

The user-friendly Talk2Me Ad format invite audiences to engage in additional advertiser content, For example an auto maker could use the format to present various links within the ad with several link choices such as 1) explore the entertainment system and view a demo of the DVD player; 2) watch a Consumer's Report video comparing this model to others in the same class; 3) Search the inventory and pricing of local dealers in the user's area. 4) Ask for detailed information regarding the product / services he has seen in the ad. and 5) without even going to landing page, the user can also post a response by filling in the form after the ad has played.

Results of the beta test show triple digit lifts in established engagement metrics for Talk2Me Ads, including time spent, and click through rate. The multiple destinations or more than one landing page mechanism also helps in analyzing multi clicks and in mapping the user behaviour, yet another powerful feature of the new format, researched and developed by Vdopia's VDO LAB.

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