Punjab farmers adopt direct seeding method for paddy cultivation

Ludhiana, July 7: To overcome the problems caused by shortage of farm labourers and scarcity of water for irrigation, farmers in Punjab have adopted direct seeding methodology for paddy cultivation. The technique has come as a major blessing for paddy growers.

The 'directly sown paddy' without the troublesome puddling exercise is a boon for the farmers. The technique brings about a saving of as much up to 150 USD per acre.

The method, which is currently being used in Patiala, Amritsar and Fazilka, helps in tackling the problem of labor shortage and in saving water up to a whopping 60 per cent.

The paddy growers are extremely happy with the technique.

"I gave up the traditional method of paddy sowing. It required water to be filled for 15 days. With direct sowing technique we can save water. I have increased the area under paddy cultivation from 10 acres to 14 acres," said Manohar Singh, a farmer.

"We learned about direct paddy sowing from other farmers, who successfully used this technique last year. It is better than the traditional 'puddling'. We are able to save time and water, which is in short supply," said Sarat Singh, another farmer.

To promote direct paddy sowing in the state many NGOs like Zamindara Farm Solutions have come forward to provide implements and share knowledge about the technique.

"As far as global warming is concerned, we need to stop it by preventing Green House Emissions. We have made a thorough research on the net about the direct sowing technique.

We realized that 'puddling' also involves large amount of gases. It is a big source of green house gas emission. We have to save water for a better future," said, Vikram Ahuja, owner, Zamindara farm solutions.

Many corporates like PepsiCo, working with farmers from Punjab on contract basis also promote 'direct seeding' for paddy.

The success of direct paddy sowing will help to increase the total area under paddy cultivation in Punjab and rest of India.

The Agriculture department is also coming up with a 100-acre exhibition plot to make the farmers better informed about the new technique. By Avtar Gill(ANI)

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