Four-to-one campaign donor advantage over McCain swept Obama to victory

Washington, June 29: A study on US presidential campaign donations has revealed that President Barack Obama had more than 3.7 million donors compared with 827,000 who donated to his opponent John McCain.

According to researchers at Brigham Young University, Obama had a substantial lead over McCain in small donors (200 dollars or less), and he also led in the number of individuals who gave exactly or near the legal limit of 4,600 dollars, the Sun Times reports.

Donors gave 700 million dollars to Obama and only 316 million dollars to McCain.

Donations from individuals giving 200 dollars or less represented nearly a quarter (178 million dollars) of Obama's fund-raising total, but only seven percent (35 million dollars) of McCain's.

Obama raised nearly 135 million dollars from individuals giving exactly or near the legal limit, while McCain could only raise less than 110 million dollars in this category.

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