Kolkota celebrates Chinese New Year today.

Kolkota, Jan 26: The Chinese New Year kicked off with a majestic show at the Old China Town in Tirreti Bazaar at Kolkota.

According to the President of the Indian Chinese Association, Mr. Paul Chung, the year of the Ox, starting January 26, would be a year in which patience will play a major role. He advised against impetuosity and told to wait for the right move.

According to Chinese culture, the Ox and the Cow portray peace and patience.

Chung further said that in India, the cow is worshipped as a holy animal and therefore, the year of Ox has added sentiment here. This year will carry the message of harmony to the whole world.

The festivities included Chinese cuisine and drinks along with a cultural show, which included the famous dragon dance and Chinese songs and dances. Several youngsters who had left Indian shores in search of better opportunities returned to their families in Kolkata to ring in the New Year together.

A majority of the Indian Chinese population resides in Kolkota, mainly in China Town at Tangra. However, a considerable number of Indian-Chinese still live in the Old China Town near Poddar Court.

Most of them moved to West Bengal shortly after the end of the Second World War.

Customs of this festival, observed by millions of Chinese communities around the world, link back to the idea of inviting good fortune and prosperity.

The Lunar New Year is the longest and most important celebration for the Chinese. Chinese months are reckoned by the lunar calendar, with each day beginning on the darkest day.

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