Muslims in Mumbai offer prayers for peace and harmony

Mumbai, Dec 6: Muslims offered prayers for peace and social harmony in the country here last evening.

The devotees after prayers felt that although the attacks had caused colossal damage to everybody, they were particularly perturbed since after every terror incident their community was considered as the perpetrator.

"It is a loss to everybody. So many people have lost their lives. Muslims are mostly at loss as they have to bear the brunt of what people do and disappear," said Sami, a resident.

While condemning the attacks, others said no human likes bloodshed.

"What has happened is wrong and we condemn it. If there is a blood-shed of a Hindu, Muslims won't be happy, and similarly, Hindus will not like a Muslim bloodshed," said Yusuf Khan, another resident.

At least 171 people were killed in multiple attacks in Mumbai last week.

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