Speed, chaotic flight of modern footballs gives players advantage

London, Sept.8: A physicist at Bath University, Dr Ken Bray, has found that top players like Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo are exploiting the chaotic flight and speed of modern balls to score goals.

Speaking at the British Association for the Advancement of Science Festival in Liverpool, Dr Bray called on FIFA to introduce new regulations on the aerodynamic qualities of footballs.

FIFA, he said, needed to specify how the ball should behave when it is kicked.

"FIFA dictates all aspects about ball design apart from the aerodynamics, yet there is no reason why you couldn't design a football so that you know if you spin the ball as much as Beckham for example, you know how much it will swerve in flight," the Daily Telegraph quoted him, as saying.

"While Beckham can reasonably predict where his shot will end up, with Ronaldo it is down to the physics of chaos once the ball leaves his foot. It makes it very disconcerting and unfair for goalkeepers," claimed Dr. Bray.

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