Pre-Inca tombs and archaeological remains found in Peru's Colca canyon

Lima (Peru), September 4: A scientific expedition, made up of Polish, North American, and Peruvian specialists, discovered tombs, apparently from the Pre-Incan culture, as well as archaeological remains in Peru's Colca canyon.

According to a report in Living in Peru, the finding was when the team was covering a zone never explored due to its inaccessibility and lack of technology.

The trip allowed scientists to carry out works in the geological, hydrogeological, hydrographical, speleological (study of caves and caverns) ambits, as well as in the electromagnetic field, for which high technology equipment was used to compile exact data on each explored area.

During the expedition, denominated "Colca Condor 2008", specialists took samples of the different rocky formations and water with the aim of analyzing its composition and temperature, data that allowed knowing with accuracy how the initial stretch structure of the canyon is formed, which is the deepest on the planet.

Along the explored zone, the expedition discovered bone remains, some of them with skin and hair remains, in good state of conservation and apparently belonging to the Pre-Incan nobility; as well as a complex of ruins that was denominated Peruvian-Polish Archaeological Complex Sombreroyoc-Pinchollo.

After expressing his will to convoke experts in the topic, sponsors, and a greater number of Peruvian adventurers for a next excursion to the zone in 2010, the Polish specialist assured to make an active promotion internationally to the candidature of the Colca canyon as one of the seven natural world wonders.

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