IIT Kharagpur Nina Saxena Excellence in technology award to NEERI-ZAR" portable instant water filter

New Delhi, Aug 19 (ANI/Business Wire India): The Nina Saxena Excellence in Technology Award a first of its kind India -Wide technical innovation award instituted by IIT Kharagpur in 2006, this year was presented to Dr. Subhash P. Andey, Dr. Prakesh S. Kelkar Dr. Madan V.Nanoti, Scientists, Geo-Environment Management Division, NEERI, Nagpur.

Commemorating the spirit of its illustrious alumna Dr. Nina Saxena, the award encourages and promotes technical innovation with a social development focus in India.

An international jury of experts chaired by the Director of IIT Kharagpur adjudged the nominations on the basis of innovativeness, applicability, benefit to the nation, and most importantly the potential of the application for social development with specific reference to backward areas in India.

Speaking on the occasion Professor Amit Patra, Dean, Alumni Affairs IIT Kharagpur expressed "Dr. Nina Saxena was a brilliant alumna of the Institute who along with a successful career had the vision of alleviating poverty and boosting overall economic growth in India. This Award has kept her vision and philosophy of life intact by aptly recognizing the innovation of the scientists of the Geo-Environment Management Division, NEERI."

Presenting the award to the winner, Chief Guest Prof. Lord Sushantha Kumar Bhattacharyya expressed "The award-winning NEERI - ZAR water purification system not only reduces the expenditure on providing safe drinking water during emergency situation but also reduces the expenditure on medical treatment of water borne diseases due to drinking of water from the contaminated sources.

By reducing the epidemic, morbidity and mortality rate, the water purification system leads to an overall improvement in the quality of life".

"I am proud to present the Nina Saxena Excellence in Technology Award to Dr. Subhash P. Andey, Dr. Prakesh S. Kelkar Dr. Madan V.Nanoti, Scientists, Geo-Environment Management Division, NEERI for their contribution in the field of healthcare", he added.

NEERI-ZAR is the water purification system suitable for potable water supply particularly under emergency situation with a wide range of flood water quality. The NEERI-ZAR meets drinking and cooking water requirements particularly on emergency basis and serve as a disaster management tool for drinking water supply under flood affected situations.

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