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Archaeologist uncovers Roman settlement in US

You have this story VERY wrong.

- Michelle , HB, CA on September 4, 2008


stay out of our politics.mrs. mccain made millions selling budweiser beer .

- american voter, nyny

on July 4, 2008

LOVE YOU Salman Khan

I like & love Salman Khan very much.  He is one of the example of "Allah is with those who keep patience".  He has always been patient & a gentleman.  This type of patience & intelligence is not seen in any of heroes in bollywood.  Needless to add God has always saved him from witches & devils. 

- Gulshan  Tom , London

on February 27, 2008

Patel's Extradition?

Ii is not surprising that the Office of Queensland Director of Public Prosecutions Leanne Clare has been incapable of preparing a proper Brief of Evidence for the United States authorities in regard to Dr. Patel's requested extradition which was rejected six times as unsatisfactory by American standards for legal evidence.      
It seems that there is no such a standard in Queensland, and Queensland Police and Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions are accustomed to following their own subjective assumptions instead of objective standards for legal evidence.
Moreover, it is likely that US authorities would have all the reasons to reject Australian request for Patel's extradition as the latter has been already publicly condemned by a number of Queensland politicians and mass media in violation of his right for presumption of innocence. Thus, the US authorities could consider it is improbable that Patel might have a fair trial in Queensland.

- Andreas Berg, Gold Coast, Australia on February 21, 2008

early parolees who killed in Conneticut

How can the parole board who authorized early release for these two men live with themselves.  Their pettiness over who was to pay for records cost the Dr. a beating while his family were killed. This is sheer insanity!.  Shame, shame!  Marylyn

- Marylyn Ohlmann, Valentine on August 12, 2007

Cities covered for news

Kindly accept my warm appreciation for covering news from several small but important towns. It would be very useful if Haldia in West Bengal could also be added as a "chemical hub" is coming up here and there is also a proposal to establish a PCPIR (Petrochemical and Pharmaceutical Investment Region) which might shortly come up before the Union Cabinet for clearance and at least two SEZs, one by Salims and another by Ramky, are coming up there and the upgradation of Kulpi port and a possible dee-water port in Haldia might change the economic profile of the town. In view of all these if we can get all news related to Haldia at one site that would be very useful.
Thanking you and best wishes for your valuable work.
BS Raman

- BS Raman, Chennai on July 30, 2007


You published an article called "Bihar school teaches Vedic hymns and last rituals". The article says that Gaya is situated on the bank of river Ganga. But for my knowledge Gaya is situated on the bank of river Falgu and not Ganga. Hopefully you will correct this mistake to give right information to reader. Thanks

- SHASHI , Worcester, USA on July 28, 2007

Changing face of Superstar

The title of the write-up itself is most in-appropriate.  The officially acknowledged term of Superstar was first time introduced in Indian Cinema with the introduction of Rajesh Khanna; then how the writer writes about Ashok Kumar to SRK under this article.  The title should be more apporpriate as 'Changing face of Leading persons of Indian Silver Screen'.  Moreover, under this write-up Mr. Singh has done injustice with Rajesh Khanna by non-mentioning about his most versatile performances and he only highlights his Superstardom era in term of popularity only, whereas without any logic unnecessarily he has mentioned about Amitabh's performance in romantic roles.  Actually Amitabh is a most typed performer with his angry image with any variety.  In each and every character he looks as Amitabh only; not the character.

- mintoo 2Khanna, Varanasi on July 25, 2007

Dance Festival

I watched folk dance festival held at Delhi Karnataka Sangha on July 21022, 2007. Your report on the festival was creative and encouraging. Thanks for the effort,
Regards- Kishan, New delhi on July 24, 2007

Errors in story about discovery of new sub-atomic particle

Please note that the story concerning the discovery of a new sub-atomic particle contains two errors. As a member of the Louisiana Tech University News Bureau, I am the original author of that story, and the information that I sent out was revised in an incorrect manner. First, Louisiana Tech University was one of about 600 institutions taking part in this project. The posted story implies that Louisiana Tech researchers made the discovery by themselves. Secondly, the new particle's name is "cascade b," not "shollis." "Shollis" was a link to my e-mail that was obviously inadvertently copied off of my university's Web site. I would appreciate it if these errors could be corrected. Thank you.

- Sallie Hollis, Ruston on June 19, 2007

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